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Lalige Lalige Lalige Beautiful Axolotl with Poppies Women Cute Canvas Slip-ONS Skate Shoes B07GLM4NGL Parent a91159

Lalige Lalige Lalige Beautiful Axolotl with Poppies Women Cute Canvas Slip-ONS Skate Shoes B07GLM4NGL Parent a91159


Here are my confessions. Yeah I’m channeling my inner Usher to share all the things that I love and struggle with as a blogger.

“So what do you do?”

“Well… I run a health and lifestyle blog?”

“You can make money from that?”



Cue the rambling explanation where I explain that somehow I scramble to make enough money between ads, and sponsors and affiliates and ebooks and freelance to make things work-ish.

Cue the nagging insecurity that makes me question why I had the balls to even say that I blog as my career.

Cue the self-doubt that makes me question whether what I do makes any difference or am I just being self-indulgent.

Cue the other voice in my head, calm and quiet, my consummate cheerleader telling me that what I’m doing matters. Bless her.

I started my blog back when blogs were online journals decorated with poorly lit iPhone 4 pictures. My blog was born out of boredom at a disappointing internship.

Somewhere along the way I got hooked. I got hooked to the idea that people might read what I write and even cooler, care. I loved that I could connect with women who wanted to geek out about what we love. I got hooked to finding purpose in my own struggles by sharing them with the internet.

And somewhere along the line, I had the audacity to pursue this passion project as a career. I knew from a young age I wanted to own a business, that I wanted to be a boss. I never imagined that business would start from a blog.

Blogging is amazing. It’s messy and confusing and challenging and awesome and scary and fun and exhilarating. It comes with so many ups, a fair share of downs.

Things I’m a little afraid to say and want to say. I always want to keep it 100 with you whether you’re a reader, a sponsor or a fellow blogger. I’m not transparent just because I think it’s the right thing to do (although I do). I also need to be transparent because otherwise I just can’t put my heart into it. And for me to be successful, my personal definition of successful, I need my heart.

So in a very Usher circa 2000’s move these are my confessions:

If my only goal with blogging was to run it as a financially successful business I would probably still be writing about vegetarian food. Or I would get hyper focused on one aspect of wellness. Or just one aspect of anything. It’s a documented internet growth truth that the more niche you are, the faster you will grow.

It totally makes sense – be known for something. If you have a super niche audience, it’s easy to know what partnerships makes sense. It’s easier to figure out what content to create because you have your lane and you get creative within it. It works so well for so many bloggers. Blogs I love following.

However, I know myself enough to know it just isn’t what I am best suited for. So here I am. Is it wellness? Is it lifestyle? What does wellness or lifestyle even mean? I don’t know, but I think I’m writing about it.


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